GEO Morphix Ltd.




GEO Morphix Ltd. is comprised of earth and environmental scientists, technicians, and geomatics analysts. Our primary services include geomorphological inventories of rivers and shorelines, erosion mitigation, river and shoreline restoration, erosion hazard delineation, emergency environmental restoration and impact mitigation, dynamic landscape modelling, and hydrometric and water quality monitoring. We have significant environmental modelling experience and have developed and completed projects related to sediment transport, thermal dynamics of ponds and wetlands, hydrology-related water balances, and two-dimensional hydraulic modelling to assess fish passage. These services require an in-depth understanding of environmental processes including sediment transport, sedimentation, and hydrodynamics.

Key staff members strive to be informed on current geomorphological research and actively explore state-of-the-science techniques to provide practical, implementable, and often innovative solutions. We have a suite of surveying, hydrometric, and water quality monitoring equipment as well as surface, submersible, and aerial drones. We have the tools to quantify rivers, lakes, and coastal environments both physically and remotely.

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